About US

DNGO 0925 Clothing was established on the south eastside of Chicago, IL in 2016. Our Mission is to provide The Beginning of All Things Different by creating apparel that will fit the unique style of individuals today. This is a lifestyle brand that stands for the inclusion of all people in all things.
The symbol that started it all was inspired by the strength and uniqueness of the Australian Dingo. In previous time, the Dingo was an domesticated animal as like a mondern day dog, until they were deemed unpredictable and could no longer be tamed. They were shunned from households and thrown back into the wilderness. Fortunately, those Dingos were able to readapt to the environment and successfully thrived until the end of their lifespan. DNGO 0925 can relate to the Dingo because of its ability to stand alone from other clothing companies by providing a style of clothing that stands out to the public, regardless to whats favorable to the majority. We seek to reach individuals who are leaders and ones who avoid the fear of the unknown.
In reference to 0925, which is located on all items comes from the date the creator of DNGO lost his very own creator. This tragedy sparked the inspiration of the DNGO 0925 Clothing line and each piece of apparel will forever bare her honor.
The DNGO 0925 Clothing family thanks you for getting to know us and the principles we stand on. Feel free to reach out to us, shop, and spread the word!